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July 11 - September 12, 2003


Irena Zemaitaitis/wife of 2nd

Kaunas, Lithuania

Ruta, we just returned late last night with Algiai from our trip to Poland, and
this morning I viewed all of your garden flowers that I had missed. Is the "Ruta"
flower the same as our Lithuanian "ruta"?
You have switched your Guestbook format.
I somehow miss reading the comments of the other admirer's of your garden!
During our visit Algiai learned that their daughter Laima gave birth to a daughter, Saule Victoria, on July 8th.
She has a brother, Gintaras, aged three
on September 11th.

More news later, if I manage before we fly out on the 20th.




Scott Bilger

Love your pics. Pardon me if this has been answered before, but what kind of camera etc. do you use ? I'm recently retired, HI MARLENE K.,and am trying to learn something about photography. A class I signed up for was cancelled.

Scott Bilger


Alice Spaulding

Hello Ruta,
Thank you for a lovely and spiritually nurturing web site! I had to move from my house to an apartment a few years ago and miss gardening very much, so viewing your beautiful garden makes me feel very happy indeed. Someday I will have a garden again, but in the meantime thank you for letting me enjoy yours! ~~~Alice


Mary Groft

Hey Ruta-
I'm enjoying the lillies in my yard for the second summer now and they're more beautiful than ever. They're also blooming longer than they did last year. One of my favorites is a peachy pink that my brother-in-law gave me. It's large and lush and velvety. Wish you were here to phtograph it.


Dana Grajauskas

Toronto, Canada

Hey Ruta - Regarding the Daylilly - Yes, I have eaten Daylilly buds. I prepared them with a friend in a simple pasta dish from a recipe found in a "Cooking with Flowers" recipe book. Eating the lightly sauteed buds reminded me of eating Fiddleheads - a very "green", fresh taste. I found that one can only consume a limited quantity before they "go right through you". That's my experience.




WOW love the new format, pictures are great as usual.


Mary Groft

louisville, ky

Yesterday I saw a Stella de Oro still in bloom so I plucked a petal. It did indeed have a slight sweet fragerance. I ate it and, yes, it did have a slightly sweet taste and a nice texture.
It reminded me of a restaurant salad I had recently - one that had lots of beautiful pansy petal in it.


Mary Groft


What a romantic story/poem abou the Forget-Me-Not.
And, Ruta, the pix you've been taking continue to amaze me. You really have captured so much beauty.



You brighten my mornings with your blooms. Thanks


Michael Minieka



Today's photo of the phlox just brought me right back to Marquette Park. Phlox were everywhere in our yard there.

Thank you for the beautiful pictures and memories.



cousin Dalia

W. Flamborough, Ont,

Hi Ruta
We are slowly recooperating from our wonderful trip and enjoying your garden photos again. The photos are fabulous as always and I am learning a lot from you about flowers that I am also growing. Today as I was out and about the garden, I noticed how busy it was with bees and butterflies and realized how wonderful it is to be able to play at least a small part of that by providing food and shelter for these pretty creatures.


cousin Dana

Toronto, Canada

Hiya Ruta, your pictures always seem to provide a new perspective on flowers with which one may already be somewhat familiar. I would have never guessed that today's flower was a Purple Loosestrife, but I have had experience with them. I got to know them while working at Neringa in Southern VT. One day, on a visit to the Marlboro Post Office/Town Hall I came across a posted notice about Purple Loostrife. I read the notice about how one should rid their property of these plants and after studying the picture of the flower I said, "Ha! So that's what those plants growing by the stream are called!"


Mary Groft


Are these the kind of Lilies that Jewel sells? When I lived in Chicago, I loved buying these. But you're right, the fragerence sometimes became overwhelming and I would have to move them off my desk and out of my office. But I loved having them.
The flowers in Louisville aren't as inexpensive as Jewel sells them so I miss getting fresh flowers.


Marlene Deckert

Chicago, IL

Your daily blooms are sent to me by a friend and I throughly enjoy them. They make my day. Thank you for a beautiful start to a day.


Mary Groft

Louisville, KY

Well, voting for my favorite picture was no problem - the one of the Rosa Rugosa took my brath away when I first saw it and I hadn't forgotten.
Choosing a favorite flower was more difficult because they're all so wonderful in their own way. But I did settle on the red poppy.


Mary Groft

Well, I really wanted to grow Zinnias this year. They make beautiful cut flowers. I did plant some seeds. However, what I finally ended up with are a few very, very long spindly stems with tiny little fowers at the end. They look like miniatures. They may not have gotten enough sunlight where I planted them but I also think they suffered from too much rain, as my other plants have.
I liked seeing the picture of your hardy flower.


John Danowski


The pictures make everything look so warm and inviting. You have done a fantastic job on the garden and created an awesome website. You never cease to amaze me.


Irene Zemaitaitis/wife of 2.c.

Kaunas, Lithuania

Ruta: We're back in Kaunas since the 4th
and I'm catching up on your 'Flower Garden'. I was sorry to learn that your transmissions will end. One alternative
I could suggest is to start an indoor
garden till the spring will bring new flowers to your garden again.

I enyoyed viewing your website. I shall
check the one of your Canadian cousins.
Good luck in the future: "sekmes"!




Ruta, I enjoyed your website very much. You have done a wonderful job!!!


Mary Groft

Louisville, KY

Well Ruta, I'm sorry that your Blooming Today e-mails are stopping. It's been a pleasure having a new flower to greet me each morning as I work. Thanks for being so faithful in sharing your garden and your beautiful photographs with all of us.


Vida Lietuvninkas


This is so sad - the last day. I will really miss clicking on this every morning. It brought LOTS of smiles and pleasure all summer long.

Thank you.

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