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Nativity B.V.M.
Class of 1971 Reunion
October 14, 2007

Hello classmates!

I promised that I would share all of the reunion photos on a web site - so here it is.
If you have more photos to contribute, please send them to me and I will post them.
I've posted the yearly class photos that I could locate, but I am missing quite a few.
If you have any to fill in the gaps, please send them.

Don't forget to sign the guest book, especially if you did not attend the reunion.
(I've had some problems with postings in the Guestbook. If you get an error, try closing the
Guestbook window and then try again.)

Thanks again to Rima Beliunas and Ophelia Barsketis for organizing the reunion. IT WAS FUN !!

Ruta Lietuvninkas
email me

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